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HashFlare.io Cloud Mining – simple, reliable, profitable.


As we know, there are plenty of services that offer cloud mining. Why HashFlare.io?

The answer is simple: HashFlare is a division of HashCoins – a company founded in 2013, known for manufacturing and sale of cryptocurrency mining equipment. Extensive experience and good feedback from customers build trust and guarantee safety of investments.

Cloud mining is a new concept, in which the user receives profit without high risk of losing invested funds, namely: mining cryptocurrencies on remotely hosted equipment. Same as with usual mining, cloud mining connects mining power to pools for the purpose of receiving larger rewards due to common efforts of all hashrate connected to the pool, as opposed to solo-mining. However, cloud mining implies that the equipment is already connected to an array of pools, the user only needs to select which pools to connect the available hashrate to.

HashFlare was launched in the beginning of 2015. Essentially being an alternative to real mining, it allows the user to forget a number of troubles related to physically working with the equipment. This includes but is not limited to: high electricity costs, connection problems, proper cooling, high noise levels and shipping times.

High-quality equipment by HashCoins allows the mining process to achieve maximum efficiency and makes the contract prices become affordable. At the current time, forecasts show there is enough time to receive a decent return on investment (RoI).

HashFlare provides carefree mining on HashCoins’ equipment. As with many other services, HashFlare offers special features. For example: hashrate allocation to pools – once in 24 hours the user is able to select up to 3 pools to connect to and what percentage of hashrate to use in the selected pools.

In addition, the user is greeted with lifetime contracts (purchased hashrate does not expire), tech support that is available 24/7 and a functional control panel. User’s panel displays payout statistics, revenue and its forecast.

The service offers a beneficial partner (referral) program which allows the user to receive additional funds from inviting new users. The referral reward is 10% of any referred user’s purchase.

The latest updates to the service include reinvest (mined funds are automatically used to purchase more hashrate) and 2-factor authentication – additional layer of security for user’s funds and data.

Company objectives include making mining simple, accessible and affordable to both new and advanced users, all via HashFlare. Another important aim is promoting cryptocurrencies, their mining and the blockchain technology.


HashFlare is a new range of cloudmining services brought to you by the HashCoins team of cryptomining experts.

Our team has been involved with cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin and has over 3 years of experience in the field of mining cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to make mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical nouse or experience. We want to give our customers an opportunity to try out cryptocurrency mining and earn Bitcoin as a reward. On a larger scale, we hope to contribute to the development of mining services and subsequently to the development, establishment and adoption of Bitcoin both as a currency and as an economic system.

Cloud mining offers a unique option for mining with a low cost of entry as well as minimal risk and expense, which is opposite to traditional models of mining that involve procurement, maintenance and configuration of highly specialized hardware.

Due to the very complex nature of mining and its dependence on many external factors (mining difficulty, bitcoin exchange rate, utility costs etc), it is next to impossible to predict the size of an individual’s earnings. One thing that’s not difficult to predict is Bitcoin’s prominence as a major disruptive technology for decades to come.

If you have any questions about HashFlare services or any questions about cloud and crypto mining, our team would love for you to get in touch. Feel free to drop by our office in Tallinn, Estonia, or alternatively get in touch with us on the phone or via Skype.

Our team


Founder & CEO

Sergei Potapenko

Sergei Potapenko

Optimistic and extremely motivated team leader, that has the ability to solve complex problems in the shortest time possible.


VP, Business Development

Nikolay Pavlovskiy

Nikolai Pavlovskiy

Crypto-currency enthusiast well known in the Bitcoin industry. His great experience allows him to predict market trends and point out new business possibilities.


Project Manager

Vitali Pavlov

Vitali Pavlov

Hard-working specialist responsible for a wide array of tasks. Primarily, leads the development team as well as assists his colleagues with marketing, customer relations and support.


Lead Developer

Renna Reemet

Renna Reemet

Professional full-stack developer striving to provide the best product she can create. She is responsible for bringing to life the whole team’s bright ideas, including her own, besides maintaining the existing systems.


Media Buyer

Alexandr Gromov

Alexandr Gromov

Marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience on small and large projects. His creativity and way of thinking assist him on finding the most unusual solutions. In the Bitcoin field since 2014.


Support Specialist

Edgar Bers

Edgar Bers

Flexible and problem-oriented sales and customer relations specialist. Drives his energy and enthusiasm to determine and implement specific needs and priorities of the organization.


Our Datacenter

source – HashFlare


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